About Us

Navvy comes from the word Navigator, who were engineer builders that built modern Britain. They dug the canals and tunnels, built the railways, viaducts and bridges that we still rely on today. We not only have huge admiration for their achievements but identify with the values of building long lasting, high quality creations whose beauty is derived from making a feature of the engineering. This has produced some of the most beautiful, celebrated structures in the UK from St Pancras Station to the Forth Bridge.  These ideas and values are at the heart of Navvy and were at the forefront of our mind throughout the whole design and making process.

The Navvy workforce lived by deep seated values, including their hard working attitude, their dedication to community and their pride in their work. Their image represents these values, through smart, practical uniforms, and clothing that is hard wearing and comfortable, yet also with personal flair. Our pieces have been developed as tool bags of our modern workforce. Our working lives have changed dramatically since the 19th Century, mainly with the swift advancements of technology. Our working lives are less hands-on, our tools are more virtual and our jobs are less demanding on our bodies. The values of the Navvies are still strong, but the way we represent them has changed in line with our lifestyles.

In our Navvy built, Victorian London workshop, inspiration oozes. We creatively design high quality leather bags and accessories, and craft them with our own fair hands. Influenced by our historic surroundings, our focus is on long-lasting, quality and natural materials, as well as the synergy of form and function, pairing practical pieces with intelligent, elegant design.