Leather Care

Our unguent cleans and replenishes the original softness and handle of the leather whilst providing a degree of water resistance. Made from a blend of natural waxes, oils & lanolin, this special sap helps protect our bags against daily rigours and the harsh elements. A little goes a long way so only put a small amount on a soft lint-free cloth and apply in a circular motion. Leave to soak in for a few minutes then gently buff the excess off with a clean cloth.

Whilst this has been specifically designed and tested for our leather, it may be suitable for other leather articles. If you decide to use it on other products, it is entirely at your own risk and we advise testing it on a small, unobtrusive area first. We strongly advise against using on Nu-Buck or suede as this will change the properties of the leather to more of a “Waxed" or "Oiled” effect.