It goes without saying that as designers, we have a huge responsibility and opportunity to do everything we can to ensure our pieces cause no unnecessary harm to the environment. The first pillar of our two pronged approach consists of creating timeless pieces and offering long term repair and servicing, hoping to break the cycle of fast fashion. The second is ensuring all materials are responsibly sourced, from leather to fittings and packaging, and by manufacturing the pieces ourselves we can be certain that our processes are as low-impact  as possible, and constantly reviewing efficiency and working environments. We only use vegetable tanned leather, for its superior quality, longevity and lower impact. Vegetable tanned leather is a traditional low impact method of tanning using vegetable tannins and tree bark. These organic substances function to strengthen and preserve the leather, highlighting unique natural grain and texture. Not only is the production method sustainable but it produces a quality of leather that can last longer than a lifetime if looked after properly, making it the ultimate in slow fashion.

Our tannery is Leather Working Group certified and audited covering 17 distinct areas from environmental management systems, water usage and traceability through to social accountability and ethics. You can learn more here::